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Regenerative Farming

Through on farm vending and award-winning cheeses from regenerative farms, we’re pioneering products that are Deliciously Regenerative.

Healthy soil,
healthy cows,
healthy humans.

Hard to believe, but we owe our existence to just 6 inches of soil in which we grow all our food and secure our future. Our farmers are custodians of that precious resource, and we know that farming regeneratively, using those magic hooves to sequester carbon and recycle nutrients, can keep soil healthy and benefit nature. Healthy soil grows healthy plants, giving healthy animals and, ultimately, healthy people.

Our Mission

To make everyday produce, that is good for the planet and people, the better choice.
It starts with milk.

Healthy Planet


Healthy People


Healthy Soil


Golden Hooves has been awarded Ethical Accreditation from The Good Shopping Guide, recognising our ethical and sustainable commitments to people, animals and the environment.

First Milk, the source of all the delicious milk that goes into Golden Hooves products, has been awarded the Kings Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.


And we’re so proud to be a certified B-Corporation along with First Milk, which is recognised as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility, a network of like minded companies using business as a force for good.